Meme Koin Center

What is MKC?

We help memes with our non-financial advice. MKC stands for Meme Koin Center. We do not receive any ADA for our help. Project founders can thank us by giving a certain % of the token supply as a token of gratitude / gift for our help.

We provide a FAAS (Froggie As A Service) solution.

Want to know with what we can help? Reach out to one of us and we will walk you through it.

Our main vision?

Help community by providing a rugproof idea for memes.

MKC Aims to provide utility to all participating projects in powering MKC.

These are:

Holders of $KONDA, $ADALOT and #FROGGIE will possibly be given a small gift for supporting the participating communities.

It is up to the project founders to continue their own token. We do not offer marketing or shilling service of the project we help launch.